Gimme a Marathon!
Antenna TV will show a 'Gimme a Break!' marathon on Sunday, April 14, from 5 am to 10 pm ET
Photo credit: CSIRO, Wonder Science, Bee Collecting Pollen
Slow Science Streams
Wonder Science, a free 'slow tv' service, launches with microscopic videos of ants, plants and more
CyberWork and the American Dream, PBS
The Robots are Coming
'CyberWork and the American Dream,' a PBS doc, examines the impending impact of AI on jobs
Teresa Graves, Get Christie Love!, Soul of the South
More Soul of the South
Over-the-air black-targeted channel Soul of the South adds 100 movies from The Film Detective
Ozone Hole How We Saved the Planet
Unlikely Eco Heroes
'Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet' will debut on PBS Wednesday, April 10
Denise White, Global Beauty Awards
‘Global Beauty Awards’
The 'Global Beauty Awards,' honoring pageant people, streams free on YouTube April 6
Lisa Whelchel, Collector's Call, MeTV, The Facts of Life
Whelchel’s Two ‘Calls’
Lisa Whelchel hosts new show, 'Collector's Call,' and a 'Facts of Life' marathon, Sunday on MeTV
Preview Channel
Xumo’s Preview Channel
The Preview Channel, featuring free movie trailers and video game previews, has launched on Xumo