More U.S. Viewers Cut the Cord

Almost half of U.S. TV viewers (47%) have cut the cord, with 44% of current cable subscribers also planning to cancel or reduce service in the coming year, according to a survey from The Trade Desk, a digital advertising company.

Audiences aged 18-34 (60%) and 35-54 (53%) have ditched cable, according to the firm’s fourth The Future of TV survey of more than 4,000 adults.  

Fans of sports programming, long the domain of linear TV, are also migrating to streaming. The Trade Desk reports that 65% of fans 18-34 – or 44% of viewers overall – “are choosing a primary viewing source outside of linear TV.”

More viewers are cutting the cord, including sports fans
(Source: The Trade Desk)

In a pitch to advertisers, the study also suggests people are becoming more receptive to commercials on streaming, with 44% of respondents stating they had watched ad-supported streaming versus 33% who had not. Further, 64% said they don’t want to spend more than $30 per month on paid subscription streaming, making ad-supported services a viable option.

“From an advertiser’s perspective, this shift presents a tremendous opportunity,” said Tim Sims, Chief Revenue Officer, The Trade Desk. “They can reach those streaming TV viewers with more precision and accuracy than ever because they can apply data to those TV campaigns in a way that’s not possible with linear.”

For more information, download The Future of TV report.

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