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Nine films from pioneering female filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché are streaming free, with “live” music and introductions, starting today at 2:30 pm ET through Wednesday, June 30, on the YouTube channel of Kennington Bioscope (KB).

The two-hour program includes the following films: Frozen on Love’s Trail (western, 1912), Two Little Rangers (western, 1912), The Strike (drama, 1912), A Man’s a Man (drama, 1912), Starting Something (comedy, 1911), The Sewer (crime drama 1912), Cousins of Sherlocko (comedy, 1913), The Detective’s Dog (drama, 1912) and Greater Love Hath No Man (western, 1911).

Guy-Blaché will also be the subject of a free online conversation with film critics Manohla Dargis (The New York Times ) and Ariel Schweitzer (Cahiers du Cinema) this Friday at 3 pm. This hour-long program will include excerpts from a new documentary, Alice Guy, Pioneer of the 7th Art, Forgotten by History.

The Dargis/Schweitzer discussion will be part of a free online conference, “Women and the Silent Screen (WSS),” this weekend, June 4-6. To attend, register free here.

WSS will include a screening of Guy-Blaché’s  A Comedy of Errors (comedy, 1912) under a program track titled “Starting Something: Alice Guy Blaché and Early Cinema, from Sound and Color to Transatlantic Studio Production.”

The WSS conference will also focus on:

  • “Bees and Roses: Chinese Women Directors and Silent Era US-Chinese Film Connections,” including the world premiere of a restored version of Marion E. Wong’s 1916 U.S. drama, The Curse of Quon Gwon: When the Far East Mingles with the West.  
  • “Founding Mothers: Women Filmmakers of Early Soviet Documentary.”

For more and a complete schedule, visit

(Top photo: Alice Guy-Blaché. Source: ‘Alice Guy, Pioneer of the 7th Art, Forgotten by History‘)

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