Sleeping with Netflix

Online meditation specialist Headspace debuts its second Netflix series today: Headspace Guide to Sleep.

The seven animated 15-minute episodes promise to provide tips on “how to get the best sleep you’ve ever had.” Each explores a different aspect of sleep concerns – such as insomnia, stress, phones and sleeping pills – and then provides “a guided wind-down designed to help you on your journey to a better sleep.”

Earlier this year, the eight-episode Headspace Guide to Meditation also launched over Netflix.

If you want to get even deeper into sleep techniques and/or meditation, Headscape offers its own, mostly audio, subscription service. It costs $12.99 a month following a seven-day free trial, or – for a limited time — $48.99 for an annual subscription, following a 14-day free trial. The annual subscription normally goes for $69.99.

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(Top image source: Netflix YouTube video)

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