Ex-Cons, Serious and Funny

Adjusting to life after prison can have its pitfalls. In Taking the Fall, Tyler Phillips has no home nor means of making a living, and learns that his former college friends are now self-absorbed and insensitive. In Pet Peeves, Milton Michaels returns to his life as a “pet psychic” and learns perhaps too much about people through their furry friends.

Taking the Fall, a movie debuting today for rental or purchase, is an earnest look at the changes wrought during a six-year-period between college fun times and real-life hard times. At a wild college party turned crime scene, Tyler (Munro Chambers) took the rap for his buddies and did time for dealing marijuana. Now, on the very day he leaves prison, he attends another party as the clueless group throws a celebration for him. Things don’t go well as the former college chums complain to the guy who just spent six years in the slammer (to protect them) how awful their lives have been. Maybe the film should have been titled The Little Chill (hint: if you’ve never seen The Big Chill, watch it now!)

Pet Peeves, a free series debuting 8 pm ET Sunday, April 11, on watch.revry.tv, is a dark comedy. Milton (Jonah Blechman), after spending 18 years in the pen, must deal with a childhood tormentor who claims her pet has been dognapped, a beautiful model with a secret eating issue, a sexy gay couple with an unusually adoring, disobedient dog, and more. Pet Peeves will also be available on demand at Revry.tv.

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