‘Wild Kingdom’ Comes Back

Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, the classic NBC series that filmed wild creatures in their natural habitats, is back on Sunday nights over RFD-TV, the rural-targeted cable and streaming channel.

Featuring Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler, with updated content from Peter Gros, the series will kick off this Sunday, April 4, with “Designs for Survival,” the second episode ever, from January, 1963. It will be followed at 8:30 pm with episode three, “Capturing Wild Animals.” Wild Kingdom’s first episode, “Myths and Superstitions,” will air the following Sunday, April 11, at 8 pm.

Wild Kingdom ran on NBC from 1963 to 1971, first on Sunday afternoons and then on Sunday primetime for three seasons starting in 1968. The series then went into first-run syndication for another 17 years, and was revived in 2002 for nine years on Animal Planet, and then on YouTube from 2013 to 2018.

For more, visit rfdtv.com/wildkingdom.

RFD-TV can be streamed for $9.99 a month or $89.99 annually from watchrfdtv.com. To find the channel on cable, satellite or telco, visit rfdtv.com/find-us.

You can also stream several classic Wild Kingdom episodes, plus the recent web episodes hosted by Stephanie Arne, on the show’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a compilation episode from 1985, with Perkins and Fowler reminiscing :

(Top image source: RFD-TV)

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