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The only two U.S. drama series with the word “Police” in their titles take over Decades with 43-episode marathons the next two weekends: Police Woman, April 3-5, and Police Story, April 10-12.

The two series ran almost concurrently in the mid-1970s, both on NBC, both lasting four seasons, and both featuring fictional cops with the Los Angeles Police Department.

In fact, Police Woman’s pilot ran as an episode of Police Story. Since Decades won’t be showing it on either weekend, here it is, via YouTube:

Police Woman (1974-1978) starred Angie Dickinson as Sgt. Pepper Anderson, while Police Story (1973-1977) was an anthology series. After its end as a regular series, Police Story continued as a series of specials over the next 10 years, before being revived as a weekly series in 1988, lasting only five episodes on ABC.

Decades’ Police Woman marathon will start Saturday, April 3, at noon ET, with the series’ first episode, ironically titled “The End Game.” It will run through Monday, April 5, at 6 am, with a third-season episode titled “Shark.” Dickinson won a Golden Globe as best actress for the series’ first season.

The Police Story marathon will start Saturday, April 10 at noon with an episode from the series’ third season, Vice: 24 Hours, about a day in the life of the L.A. vice squad. It will conclude Monday, April 12 at 5 am with the two-hour “Confessions of a Lady Cop,” which was NOT a revival of Police Woman, but a story about a depressed officer, played by Karen Black (below).

Karen black, police story
(Source: IMDb)

You can find complete schedules for both Decades weekend marathons at decades.com/schedule. You can find your local Decades channel number – either free over-the-air via antenna, or on cable — on the network’s Where to Watch page.

(Top image: Angie Dickinson from the opening credits of ‘Police Woman.’ Source: YouTube video)

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