HBO Max: Who is QAnon?

This Sunday, March 21, cable network HBO and its sibling streamer HBO Max will address the question: Who – and what – is QAnon?

HBO will debut the first two episodes of the six-episode documentary series, Q: Into the Storm from 9-11 pm ET/PT, with subsequent episodes landing Sundays at 9 pm. HBO Max will provide same-day on-demand access.

The show traces the history of the conspiracy-driven QAnon movement and how it became a force in American culture and politics.

Filmmaker Cullen Hoback talks with Jim and Ron Watkins, the father-son operators of the 8chan website that nurtured QAnon, and their rivalry with 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan. He also interviews “Q-tubers,” Q debunkers, political operatives, and journalists who have closely followed the movement since its 2017 inception. In the process, Hoback maps Qanon’s connections with former President Donald Trump, as well as political and ex-military operatives, and considers the consequences of unfettered free speech online.

“QAnon derives its power from anonymity and secrecy,” Hoback said, “so I set out to unmask and demystify the whole thing, gaining access to key players over the course of several years. Audiences can take an unfiltered look at what transpired behind the scenes and uncover the forces that drove Q’s most ardent believers to storm the Capitol.”

TV and film veteran David McKay served as an executive producer.

HBO Max costs $14.99 a month, with a seven-day free trial. For more, visit

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