Tennant & Sheen’s ‘Staged’

Hulu today debuted the second season of Staged, a comedy starring Good Omens co-stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen as versions of themselves who — in the six-episode season one — continued rehearsing a West End play online after it had been put on hold due to Covid-19.

In the eight-episode season two, the play is still on hold, but the first season of Staged has done very well on BBC One and Hulu. So the director plans an American remake — with two new actors as the leads.

The “Zoom”-style production of Staged allows for drop-in guests, such as Judi Dench in the six-episode season one, which debuted just a couple of months into the pandemic last June.

The eight-episode new season boasts such guests as Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Schwartz, Jim Parsons, Simon Pegg, Cate Blanchett, Nick Frost, Josh Gad, Christoph Waltz, Ken Jeong, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Ewan McGregor. Can you guess who’ll get to play Tennant and Sheen?

Tennant’s wife Georgia and Sheen’s girlfriend Anna Lundberg continue their supporting roles in season two.

All 14 episodes of Staged are now available on Hulu.

Good Omens, a six-episode series about the bromance between a demon (Tennant) and angel (Sheen), can be found on Amazon Prime.

Here’s a bonus Good Omens lockdown episode:

(Top: Tennant and Sheen in ‘Staged.’ Source: JustWatch.com)

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