TVS Vintage Network Debuts

TVS Vintage Network has launched as a free 24/7 streaming channel featuring shows from television’s first decade.

Titles include The Ed Wynn Show, The Original Amateur Hour, The Alan Young Show, Life is Worth Living, Suspense, Lights Out, The Milton Berle Show, Trouble With Father, Your Hit Parade, Action in the Afternoon, Fireball Fun For All, Howdy Doody, and The Morey Amsterdam Show.

When we tuned in yesterday afternoon, the channel, which promises shows from 1948 to 1957, was showing a 1958 episode of ABC’s half-hour The Frank Sinatra Show, guest starring 19-year-old Natalie Wood. Here’s an excerpt:

Sinatra’s show was followed by Jackie Gleason’s one-hour Cavalcade of Stars, a DuMont Network show from 1950, and then DuMont’s The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, a one-hour concert from 1953:

TVS Vintage Network airs over WatchYour.TV, which also hosts TVS Nostalgia, with black-and-white shows from 1957 onwards (Car 54, Where are You? was airing when we tuned in), TVS Flashback Network, with color shows through 1987 (Room 222 was showing), TVS Music Network, TVS Buckboard Network, TVS Sitcom Network, TVS Quiz Show Network and 33 other channels covering TV and movie classics, home shopping, sports, kids and lifestyle..

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(Top image: Frank Sinatra and Natalie Wood on ‘The Frank Sinatra Show.’ Source: YouTube video)

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