Over-the-Air Deaths, Birth

Say goodbye to free over-the-air channels Ion Plus, Shop and Qubo. But there’s a Twist!

As a result of E.W. Scripps’ recent acquisition of Ion Television, yesterday marked the final day of broadcasting for free drama channel Ion Plus (formerly Ion Life), home shopping channel Shop, and kids channel Qubo.

If you’re in one of the 48 markets with Ion Television stations, those channels have likely been replaced by Scripps’ own Black-targeted Bounce, trial channel Court TV, female-targeted true crime channel Court TV Mystery (formerly Escape), male-targeted Grit, or comedy channel Laff. Ion Television itself, which showcases procedural reruns from such franchises as Law & Order and NCIS, will continue to broadcast.

And here’s the Twist: over-the-air viewers in the 41 markets with Tegna-owned TV stations, 11 markets with Univision-owned stations, and 31 markets with HC2-owned stations will see a new free female-targeted lifestyle/reality channel this spring.

Called Twist, the channel will feature shows like Clean HouseTop Chef MastersQueer Eye for the Straight GuyDance MomsTabatha Takes OverTiny House Nation and Flipping Out.

Tegna notes that much of Twist’s content features “exciting reveals – or twists – at the end of each show.”

Twist will also “encourage viewers to submit their own videos of twists they’ve been thrown in life and how they persevered through them in a positive segment called Share Your Twist.”

Twist joins other Tegna-owned free over-the-air channels Quest and True Crime Network (formerly Justice Network).

(Top image: Qubo waves bye-bye. Source: IonMedia.com)

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10 thoughts on “Over-the-Air Deaths, Birth”

  1. We don’t need 2 court tv channels, we don’t need 2 Laff channels, we don’t need a channel with a bunch of dumb drama fake reality tv shows. We need ion life and Qubo. My children love Qubo. Bring it back.

    • We have duplicates of Bounce, Grit, Court TV, and Mystery in our market , with stronger channels , my 2 year old is heartbroken. We moved to cord cutting partly because of the great channels available. We have moved to watching YouTube a lot more for her, sad loss.

  2. ION was my favorite group of channels. I also was watching an episode of Murdock when the signal went to GRIT tv. I was afraid of what Scripps would do to ION and they proved me correct!
    Who wants 2 or 3 channels of Court tv, GRIT tv etc?? Who watches these old cowboy movies 24/7? Who wants to watch fake reality tv on TWIST? This lady will not! Bring back good shows not meaningless mind numbing programming.

  3. First, I have been trying to figure out what happened. I was watching 43-3 when a new Murdoch Mysteries was starting and it switched to Grit TV. Couldn’t figure out why since Grit TV is on 41-3. I don’t really care that much for Grit TV, now I have two stations of it, what a waste. Between the 43 and 64 stations, they provided a much broader spectrum of American and Canadian television in which I have never seen before. Most of it worth watching. Murdoch will be missed the most, a beyond terrific written and cast show. The Grand Kids already miss Qubo. I guess I am back to buying DVD series so that I can enjoy them on my own time. I refuse to pay for cable or satelite. Would have more fun throwing money out the window every month. One months of cost can buy enough DVD’s to watch for several years. Back when I was a teen when cable was starting to become popular, the primary point was that it was virtually commercial free. Now it’s worse than free TV. I’ll stop rambling, just extremely disappointed.

  4. Seriously? Twist targeting female viewers? What kind of female viewers? I agree with Linda T. I have no interest in any of those new format programs. Maybe stay at home moms like them, but I will not waste my time. I did like Ionlife.
    Bring back the other channels,or at least some formats that cater to professional or career women.

    • Aren’t those some of The Learning Channel programs? This is a joke. I don’t watch westerns. I only watch mysteries and news. I will be watching real shows on the internet.


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