‘Tell Me Your Secrets’

Lily Rabe (American Horror Story), Amy Brenneman (The Leftovers) and Hamish Linklater (Legion) star in Tell Me Your Secrets, a 10-episode psychological thriller debuting tomorrow, February 19, on Amazon Prime.

Rabe plays Emma, a woman in witness protection who once loved a dangerous killer. Brenneman is Mary, a woman obsessed with finding a daughter who’s been missing for seven years. Linklater is John, a former serial predator desperate for redemption.

Mary hires John to find Emma after discovering that Emma might be responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.

What are the secrets these three need to tell? Who are really the victims and who are the perpetrators? Binge-watch for the answers!

The main cast also includes Enrique Murciano (The Blacklist).

 (Top photo: Hamish Linklater and Amy Brenneman. Courtesy of Amazon Studios, © Amazon Studios)

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