Prime’s New Musical Coda

Starting this Thursday, February 18, Amazon Prime will offer a music-themed add-on channel, The Coda Collection, for $4.99 per month following a seven-day free trial.

Trouble No More, Bob Dylan, The Coda Collection
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The library of more than 150 concert films and documentaries will include such titles as Music, Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix in Maui; The Rolling Stones On the Air; Johnny Cash at San Quentin; Miranda Lambert: Revolution Live By Candlelight; and Bob Dylan’s Trouble No More.

“What’s being lost in today’s swarm of streaming services and search engines is the deep connection that is fueled by the stories that surround all the songs and artists that we love,” says Jim Spinello,The Coda Collection’s founder & CEO, on the service’s website.

The site also includes quotes from a couple of The Coda Collection’s major supporters, including:

Yoko Ono and The John Lennon Estate:  “John was always on the cutting edge of music and culture. The Coda Collection will be a new way for fans to connect on a deeper level.”

(Source: Amazon)

Janie Hendrix (Jimi’s stepsister), CEO & president of Experience Hendrix LLC: “The Coda Collection] transcends basic music streaming and takes fans on a real journey into the heart of the songs they love and the artists, like Jimi Hendrix, who created those songs.”

The Coda Collection already offers a bevy of titles on a per-title basis on Amazon, with rental fees starting at $2.99 each.

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