Looking for Love? Bigfoot?

Looking for love — and Bigfoot — in all the wrong places?

Today, February 8, discovery+, which launched last month, debuts two shows: Love Games, about competing couples; and Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues, involving the incurable obsession with finding the hairy urban legend.

Love Games

Love Games is one of several series belonging to TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Others include 90 Day Bares All and 90 Day Diaries.

In this elimination-style competition, 24 couples from the 90-Day universe thrust and parry questions about “their juiciest secrets and most annoying habits to just how well they really know each other.”

At the end of the 17-episode season, one couple will take home the Love Games trophy. (And as David Letterman would say, ‘please, folks, no wagering.’)

Finding Bigfoot: The Search Continues

This two-hour special picks up where the original Animal Planet series, Finding Bigfoot (2011-2017), left off three years ago.

Matt Moneymaker, founder of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, expert field caller James “Bobo” Fay, evidence analyst Cliff Barackman and field biologist Ranae Holland head back to the woods in search of their elusive quarry.

According to the producers, Bigfoot sightings in the US have increased during the pandemic-forced lockdown. “Incredible reports from areas in Ohio and West Virginia prove to be too compelling for our investigators to ignore,” they said.

Collected evidence includes “clean audio of Bigfoot vocalizations; detailed footprint casts with skin ridge details; and quality pictures by advanced cameras.” Specialized thermal vision drone pilots also capture Bigfoot footage.

Discovery+, which competes with such players as CuriosityStream, costs $4.99/month with commercials, or $6.99/month for an ad-free experience. Verizon customers with qualifying plans can get 12 months free.

For more information, visit discoveryplus.com.

In addition to Discovery+, you can also view a few episodes of Finding Bigfoot for free on Animal Planet’s website. And the show is available with subscriptions to Philo or Fubo TV; and you can buy individual episodes for $1.99 from Google Play, Vudu or other providers.

Here’s the show’s first episode from 2011:

(Top image source: YouTube video)

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