Teaching Kids to Sign

Emma Faye Rudkin, founder and director of Aid the Silent, teams up with her hearing dog, Hank, to teach children sign language and more in Hank and Emma Faye, a series of 14 one-minute videos available from San Antonio PBS station KRLN’s YouTube channel.

In addition to teaching one word or phrase in sign language, each video also aims to aid social-emotional development, while normalizing those with differing abilities. The 14 episodes produced so far teach Love, Please, Friends, Kindness, Family, Share, Thank You, Nice to Meet You, Good Morning, You’re Welcome, Sorry, Help, Yes and No.

While directed at kids, these videos can also teach adults some signing words and life lessons. So we’ll leave you with Love and Kindness:

What’s that you said? Oh,

(Top photo credit: Devin Travieso)

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