Larry King…Actor?

Larry King, who died Saturday at 87, gained renown as a master interviewer. But he also appeared numerous times as an actor in movies and TV shows, mostly playing himself. Two times he didn’t were in his acting debut and his swan song, each of which you can stream below.

King played DJ Sleepy Sam in the first scene of the first episode of Miami Undercover, a 1961 syndicated series that starred Lee Bowman as a private investigator, with ex-boxer Rocky Graziano his ex-boxer sidekick. At the time, King was hosting a local Miami TV talk show with the same title.

Here’s episode one of the crime drama, also featuring singer Jill Corey as “The Thrush”:

King’s last credited role was as the voice of “Fear” — “a giant floating ball that sounds like Larry King” — in a 2019 comedy-drama short, Debbie & Doug Drop Acid in the Desert.

The film stars Angela Gulner as Debbie and co-writer Zack Gold as Doug.

(Top photo: Debbie and Doug face ‘Fear,’ voiced by Larry King, in ‘Debbie and Doug Drop Acid in the Desert.’ Source: Vimeo video)

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