Anna Paquin’s a ‘Flack’  

A “flack,” per Amazon Prime, is a public relations (PR) person “who promotes, publicizes and protects her clients.”

Flack, whose first six-episode season comes to the streamer tomorrow, June 22, stars Oscar winner Anna Paquin (The Piano) as an American flack putting out high-profile fires for a London PR firm.

What kind of fires?

Well, in episode one, the client is a celebrity chef and she must stop stories about his philandering from going public

In episode two, the client is a pop star, and she must distract the press from learning that the singer’s been dropped from her record label.

The next two episodes start with a stand-up comic and a trans-phobic video, followed by a cosmetics entrepreneur photographed getting a facelift.

If this British dramedy sounds familiar, it may be because Showtime offered the first season on demand a year ago.

A second six-episode season has already run on Britain’s UKTV, with Amazon Prime promising that it will debut in the U.S. later this year.

Flack also stars Sophie Okonedo as Paquin’s boss, and Lydia Wilson and Rebecca Benson as fellow flacks. Emmy winner Bradley Whitford (The Handmaid’s Tale, Transparent, The West Wing) guest stars in episode five.

(Top image source: YouTube video)

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