You’ve Got Uvagut TV!

Uvagut TV (“Our TV”), the first Inuit Inuktut- language 24/7 channel, has launched on satellite and cable in Canada, and streaming live anywhere at (Much of the content is subtitled in English.)

The schedule includes:

Movies like Atanarjuat The Fast Runner (2001) and One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (2019).

New series like Silakut Live From the Floe Edge and Tunnganarnik, broadcasting live from Nunavut communities and the remote arctic wilderness.

Five daily hours of children’s programs, including Anaana’s Tent (trailer below) and the long-running Takuginai series.

Lucy Tulugarjuk, Uvagut TV
(Courtesy of Isuma Distribution International)

“As our elders pass away, we are fighting against time to keep Inuit culture and language alive for our children and grandchildren. TV in Inuktut all day every day is a powerful way to keep a living language for future generations,” said Lucy Tulugarjuk (right), chair and executive director of Nunavut Independent Television Network, which co-created Uvagut.TV with IsumaTV.



(Top photo: Zacharias Kunuk during filming of “One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk” 2019. Photographer: Levi Uttak. Courtesy of Isuma Distribution International.)

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