MeTV’s Mary Ann Tribute

This Sunday, January 10, MeTV will honor the late Dawn Wells with a “three-hour tour” of six Gilligan’s Island episodes featuring her iconic character Mary Ann.  

Here’s the lineup:

2 pm, “How to Be a Hero” – Mary Ann and the other castaways attempt to make Gilligan (Bob Denver) feel like a hero.

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2:30 pm, “The Matchmaker” – Mrs. Howell (Natalie Schafer) decides to engineer a romance between Mary Ann and Gilligan.

3 pm, “Beauty is as Beauty Does”– Mary Ann competes with Ginger (Tina Louise) and Mrs. Howell to become “Miss Castaway.”

3:30 pm, “Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes” – Mary Ann, Ginger and Mrs. Howell form a musical group, The Honeybees.

4 pm, The Postman Cometh” –The castaways hear on the radio that Mary Ann’s boyfriend in Kansas is getting married.

4:30 pm, “The Second Ginger Grant” – Mary Ann falls backward while watching Ginger perform on stage, and upon awakening thinks she is Ginger.

Gilligan’s Island, which ran originally on CBS for 98 episodes over three seasons (1964-1967), can be seen regularly on MeTV during the same 2-5 pm Sunday time period.

You can watch MeTV free over the air via an antenna connected to your TV set, and also on many cable systems. To find your local channel number, visit MeTV’s Where to Watch page.

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