10 Free SimulTV Channels

SimulTV, which packages more than 130 streaming channels for $9.99/month, has opened up its 10 most-popular channels for free viewing – no credit card info required – through January.

The 10 channels, and what we’ve learned by perusing SimulTV in recent days, are:

Yuletide Network

A seasonal channel, with titles like The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (a 1971 CBS precursor to The Waltons series), Evening Shade Christmas, Picket Fences Christmas, The Santa Trap (2002), Jesus of Nazareth and Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948).

Kid Central  

This might be of more interest to the kids of yesterday than the kids of today. Where else could you see The Hudson Brothers Show, Mighty Mouse, Terrytoons and Voyagers!?


Subtitled “A Sci-Fi Experience,” with such titles as The Disney Sunday Movie’s Earth Star Voyager (ABC, 1988)  In Search of and Zone Troopers (1985).

Cowboy Theater  

This consists of old western movies and such TV titles as The Chisholms (CBS miniseries, 1979), Annie Oakley (syndicated, 1954-1957) and 26 Men (syndicated, 1957-1959).


Simulcast says this channel “has everything from classic Kung Fu movies to all of the greatest and most popular shows and movies of today and the past decade,” but all we found were titles like Tech Head, Sports Page and Sustainable Futures.

SimulTV, Comfy TV, Zorro

Comfy TV

Movies like Duel in the Sun (1946) and Dreamscape (1984); TV series like The Secrets of Isis (CBS, 1975-1977), Riverboat (NBC, 19591-1961) and Zorro (ABC, 1957-1959); and a far-right talk show.  


On this multicultural family channel, you’ll find titles like the TV series Get Christie Love! (ABC, 1974-1975), and miniseries like Children of the Dust (CBS, 1995) and Atomic Train (NBC, 1999). You can also watch iHolyfieldTV free on its own web site.

2A Network

Launched right before Election Day, this channel is focused on the right to bear arms, with such titles as Gun Lab and All About Gear.


Simultv, MilitaryHomeLife, Gomer Pyle

Salute! From Sergeant Preston and Ensign O’Toole up to Captain Marvel and Colonel March, MilitaryHomeLife ranks high in shows about the military, or at least military titles. You’ll also see Private First Class Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.,movies like The Alamo (1960), and other TV series like The Rat Patrol and 12 O’Clock High.

Cut Up N Cook

The name says everything. Look for shows like The Chef You and I and  Everyday Manna with Lisa.

To access the above channels, just enter your email address on this page and click on the free channels button. You can also find SimulTV on Roku, or via apps for Android and iOS.

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