Dare You Wander Darkly?

Wander Darkly is an “intricately woven, surreal, fever dream of a movie.”

After watching Wander Darkly, according to its writer/director Tara Miele, you should either have sex, hug your children, or call your parents. Unfortunately, I received this advice days after screening the film!

My wife and I, however, did engage in a discussion of how Miele admirably maneuvered us through her intricately woven, surreal, fever dream of a movie, in which a woman – following a horrific car accident with her lover — reexamines their relationship through a mesh of space and time spanning the past, present and future, a PTSD world in which she can exit through a door from a church’s funeral (her own, her lover’s?) and be immediately in her own house months earlier.

Diego Luna and Sienna Miller in 'Wander Darkly'
(Diego Luna and Sienna Miller in ‘Wander Darkly.’ Source: Facebook)

If the preceding sentence seems a bit disorienting, but still makes some kind of sense, you may want to wander darkly through Wander Darkly. Sienna Miller, who stars in the oddly romantic drama with Diego Luna, called the film “life affirming” in a recent online discussion with Los Angeles Times film critic Mark Olsen, adding that Wander Darkly “embraces humanity and the human experience in all its messy, beautiful ways.”

You can stream Wander Darkly for $6.99 from Amazon, Apple TV/iTunes, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Redbox or Vudu.

Here’s the film’s trailer, followed by the 40-minute Los Angeles Times “Indie Focus” discussion, which includes Miele in addition to Miller and Olsen:

For more info, visit lionsgate.com/movies/wander-darkly.

(Top photo: Sienna Miller in ‘Wander Darkly.” Source: Lionsgate))

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