Comedic Reunions on Acorn TV

Today, December 14, Acorn TV adds three series (Very Small Business, Growing Up Gracefully and Réunions).

Speaking of reunions, the cast of the cult Canadian comedy series, Slings & Arrows, gets together for a special recorded in October by ATX TV.


In this six-episode French comedy-drama, which aired originally on France 2, two half-brothers, Jérémy (Loup-Denis Elion) and Antoine (Nicolas Bridet), learn of each other’s existence when their father dies, leaving them both a hotel on the island of Réunion. Although located in a tropical paradise, the hotel’s finances are in a mess, forcing the brothers and their families to make big sacrifices to save it. Jérémy’s companion Chloe (Laëtitia Milot) hopes they can start anew. The two brothers are from different races and economic classes, allowing the series to explore themes of family, parenthood and class divide.

The cast includes Sara Martins, Nicolas Chupin, Marie de Dinechin and Matteo Perez.

The show is in French with English subtitles.

Very Small Business

A six-episode 2008 comedy from Australia’s ABC, Very Small Business features an odd-couple of sorts. Don Angel (Wayne Hope) is a dodgy, failed serial entrepreneur whose one-man publishing empire faces liquidation. He hires Ray Leonard (Kim Gyngell), a respected journalist who tentatively reenters the workplace after a six-year battle with depression. Will writing advertorials help Ray regain his footing? Things look promising … until the tax authorities show up.

The show also stars Emma Leonard, Ian Bliss, Sally Cooper and Geoff Paine.

You can also find episodes to buy for $1.99 on iTunes and Amazon.

Growing Up Gracefully

Growing Up Gracefully, a six-episode comedy docuseries, examines what it means to be a 21st century woman.

Australia’s sister comedy duo of Hannah and Eliza Reilly stumble upon a 1950s teen advice book Growing Up Gracefully, prompting the question, how do kids raised in the internet age become adults?

The two twenty-somethings address the “six key milestones of adulthood.”  Hannah, “the reckless party girl,” tries old-school etiquette. Dorky Eliza follows the latest digitally disseminated women’s advice.

Slings & Arrows Virtual Reunion

In October, the cast and creators of the Canadian comedy series Slings & Arrows series reunited virtually on ATX TV.

The show, which lasted three seasons (2003-2006) Canada’s Movie Network and Showcase, follows the backstage crises of a dysfunctional theater troupe. Each season involved the production of a different Shakespeare play – Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear. The Bard’s onstage tribulations mirror what’s happening behind the curtain. All 18 episodes are available on Acorn TV. (You can also stream the series with subscriptions to  Sundance Now or AMC+; or by subscribing to YouTube TV).

The reunion panel, moderated by The New Yorker’s Emily Nussbaum, includes cast members Susan Coyne, Mark McKinney (The Kids in the Hall, Saturday Night Live, Superstore), Martha Burns, Luke Kirby (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Paul Gross. They are joined by Bob Martin, who, with Coyne and McKinney, created the series.

Acorn TV costs $5.99 monthly, with a seven-day free trial. For more info, visit

(Top image: Laëtitia Milot and Loup-Denis Elion in ‘Réunions.’ Source: Acorn TV)

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