‘Weasel’s Tale’ Review

The Weasel’s Tale, debuting online today, December 11, is a fun picture from Argentina that’s part dark comedy, part suspense drama and part…romcom?

The Weasel's Tale

The subtitled movie is over two hours long, but well worth viewing for its fair share of truly humorous moments (our favorite: a tarantula inside a moving cardboard tube), its numerous twists and turns, and its intriguing, weasely characters.

Like the Oscar-nominated but far darker Sunset Boulevard (1950), The Weasel’s Tale centers around an aging former movie star. Like Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, Graciela Borges as the Oscar-winning Mara Ordaz comes down a big staircase and at one point even says, “I’m ready.”

But not necessarily for her closeup – because The Weasel’s Tale is really an ensemble movie, with Borges ably supported by other veterans of Argentinian cinema. Mara, you see, lives with three other movie has-beens: a supporting actor/estranged husband (Luis Brandoni), a director (Oscar Martínez) and a writer (Marcos Mundstock) .

They’re all well settled into a dysfunctional family situation. Then, a young man, Francisco (Nicolas Francella) – a potential gigolo a la Sunset’s William Holden – enters the scene, accompanied by young woman/femme fatale Bárbara (Spain’s Clara Lago).

Francisco and Bárbara are con artists out to get hold of Mara’s property – and put her two boarders into an adult home. And so starts an intriguing game of cat and…weasel.

The Weasel’s Tale, which can be seen online by purchasing tickets through participating theaters listed here, was written and directed by Juan José Campanella, whose last feature, The Secret in Their Eyes, won 2010’s Best Foreign Language Oscar. Campanella devoted much of the past decade to directing episodes of such American TV series as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Halt and Catch Fire and Colony.

His Oscar-winning thriller is available for $3.99 from Amazon, Google Play and other providers. A 2015 American remake, Secret in Their Eyes, starring Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman, can be streamed by Netflix subscribers, or for $3.99 from other sources.

Sunset Boulevard can be streamed by Amazon Prime or CBS All Access subscribers, for free with ads at Pluto TV, or for $3.99 elsewhere.

If you watch The Weasel’s Tale, you might also be interested in a free online Q&A with Campanella and Borges this Sunday, December 13, at 5 pm ET. To register, visit Zoom.

For more info on The Weasel’s Tale, visit OutsiderPictures.us.

(Top photo: Graciela Borges in ‘The Weasel’s Tale,’ courtesy of Outsider Pictures)

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