Of Partridges and Kings

The family that sings together stays together?

If you can’t spend Thanksgiving with your own family this year, why not spend three days with The Partridge Family? Or just an hour with The King Family?

Marking The Partridge Family’s 50th anniversary, Antenna TV will run all 96 episodes of the 1970-1974 ABC sitcom in order starting tonight, November 25, at 8 pm ET — through Friday, November 27, at 10 pm. (The marathon will be interrupted at 10 pm the first two nights by an hour of Johnny Carson.)

The singing Partridges included Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey and Danny Bonaduce. They can normally be found weekdays at 6 am and Saturdays at 6 pm on Antenna TV, which, as its name implies, can be seen for free via an antenna hooked up to your TV set. To find local channel numbers – either over-the-air or on cable — visit Antenna TV’s Channel Finder.

Meanwhile, The Film Detective has unearthed Thanksgiving with The King Family, a 1967 syndicated special starring the singing King Sisters, female King Cousins and other members of the singing clan — from kids to seniors. You can stream the show free at TheFilmDetective.tv.

Here, from a couple of years ago, My Three Son’s Tina Cole, who was also a King Cousin, reminisces with her sister and fellow King Cousin Cathy, and with cousin (but not King Cousin) Cam Clarke (better known now as a voice artist extraordinaire). The video also includes a five-minute clip from Thanksgiving with The King Family.

The King Family also had its own ABC series, The King Family Show, which ran for 22 one-hour episodes in 1965, 17 half-hour episodes in 1965-1966, and 13 half-hour episodes (focusing on the relatively hipper Cousins) in 1969. Full episodes are unavailable, but you can find many clips at The Official King Family YouTube channel.

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