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Starting Saturday, November 14, at noon ET, free over-the-air network Decades will run a 43-episode weekend binge of The Streets of San Francisco (1972-1977).

The series stars film veteran Karl Malden as Detective Lieutenant Mike Stone and newcomer (though the scion of Hollywood legend Kirk) Michael Douglas as Detective Mike Keller. Street-smart Stone teaches the college-educated neophyte Keller the ropes, as they solve murders for the San Francisco Police Department’s Bureau of Inspectors.

Douglas wouldn’t stay unknown for long. He left the show in its final season, after having produced the Oscar-winning film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975). (Battlestar Gallactica’s Richard Hatch, as Inspector Dan Robbins, replaced Douglas for the final season). Douglas soon became a big-screen presence starting with The China Syndrome (1979), which he also helped produce.

Shot on location in the Golden Gate City, The Streets of San Francisco originally aired for 120 episodes on ABC over five seasons.

Marathon episodes include:

Saturday, November 14, 5 pm – “The Twenty-Four Karat Plague.” Hijackers discover the gold they’ve stolen is mixed with deadly uranium.

Sunday, November 15, 1 am – “Blockade.” The detectives are desperate for clues that will lead to the capture of a killer and rapist terrorizing San Francisco.

Monday, November 16, 12 am  – “Endgame.”  Steve is injured in a fight with a gangster, and Mike is demoted to a beat for insisting on revenge.

You can find the weekend’s compete schedule at, and your local Decades channel number – either over-the-air via antenna, or on cable — on the network’s Where to Watch page.

Aside from this weekend’s binge, The Streets of San Francisco doesn’t have a regular streaming or over-the-air home. You can watch a handful of episodes for free on YouTube. Below is the first episode of the series:

You can also buy episode collections on DVD from Amazon.

The end of the series didn’t mean the end of Detective Stone. He returned in the 1992 TV movie, Back to the Streets of San Francisco, in which he investigates Keller’s disappearance. You can also watch that film on YouTube, or right here:

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