‘Sing Along With Mitch’

Sing Along with Mitch has joined the lineup at TVS Music Network, a free 24/7 streaming channel featuring musical series from the first 40 years of television.

Sing Along with Mitch, largely remembered for host Mitch Miller guiding viewers in sing-alongs of pop music standards accompanied by on-screen lyrics, ran originally on NBC over four seasons from 1961 to 1964. Upwards of 109 hour-long episodes were produced, with regulars including Leslie Uggams — and a pre-Sesame Street Bob McGrath in Miller’s “Sing Along Gang.”

Here, in The Savvy Screener’s first acknowledgement this year of the ever-earlier holiday season, is a Christmas episode of Sing Along with Mitch, from 1961:

TVS Music Network airs over WatchYour.TV, which now hosts more than 30 TVS channels. These include: TVS Sitcom Network, which recently added The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Doris Day Show, Make Room for Daddy, The Honeymooners, The Lucy Show and Burns and Allen; and TVS Quiz Show Network, which recently added the Art James-hosted Super Pay Cards.

We couldn’t find a schedule for TVS Music Network, but if Sing Along with Mitch isn’t airing when you tune to the channel on WatchYour.TV, you’ll see such shows as Your Hit Parade, The Johnny Cash Show, Hootenanny, The Rosemary Clooney Show, The Nat King Cole Show, The Buck Owens Show, Midnight Special, Kenny Rogers’ Rollin’ on the River, Sonny & Cher and Hullabaloo.

For anyone who thinks Sing Along with Mitch was strictly squaresville, we turned on TVS Music Network yesterday afternoon to find Leslie Uggams doing a cool duet with George Burns.

Here’s Uggams about breaking racial barriers on the series:

(Top photo: Mitch Miller and dancers, 1961. Source: Wikimedia)

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