‘Alex Rider’ on IMDb TV

Alex Rider, an eight-episode coming of age spy-thriller based on Point Blank, the second novel in Anthony Horowitz’ 12-book Alex Rider series, will debut for free this Friday, November 13, on IMDb TV.

Otto Farrant stars as Alex Rider, a London-based teenager who has unknowingly been trained to be a spy since childhood. In order to investigate how an uncle’s death connects to the assassination of two high-profile billionaires, Alex goes undercover in a remote boarding school called Point Blank in the French Alps, where troubled children of the super-rich are supposed to be set back on the right track. Or are they?

The eight-episode series, which premiered in June on Amazon Prime in the UK and Ireland, is being marketed in the US as the first original series on Amazon-owned IMDb TV.

Alex Rider also stars Stephen Dillane as Alan Blunt, Vicky McClure as Mrs. Jones, Brenock O’Connor as Tom Harris, Ronkẹ Adékọluẹjọ as Jack Starbright, Ace Bhatti as Crawley, Marli Siu as Kyra, Nyasha Hatendi as Smithers and Andrew Buchan as Ian Ride.

To watch Alex Rider free starting on Friday, visit the show’s Amazon page.

For info on other free IMDb shows and movies, visit amazon.com/imdbtv.

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