The Munsters vs Roseanne?

Who’s scarier? The Munsters or Roseanne? Or maybe the question should be, who’s funnier?

Can’t make up your mind? Binge both sitcoms tomorrow, October 31, during Cozi TV’s Halloweenathon!

The Munsters will show up for 22 episodes starting at 9 am ET, followed by Roseanne’s seven Halloween episodes at 8 pm.

The Munsters, which ran originally on CBS for 70 episodes over two seasons (1964-1966), airs regularly on Cozi TV in two-hour blocks, weekdays at 7 pm ET and Sundays at 5 pm. Streamers can see both seasons for free on Peacock.

Roseanne, which ran originally on ABC for 231 episodes over 10 seasons (1988-1997, 2018) airs regularly on Cozi TV in two-hour blocks, every day but Saturday, at 9 pm. Amazon Prime subscribers can stream the first nine seasons, but you can also stream them free if your local library is part of the Hoopla system.

You can watch Cozi TV free over the air by hooking up an antenna to your TV set. It’s also available on many cable systems. To find your local channel number, visit Get Cozi TV.

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