‘Trump vs The Illuminati’

Apparently, Bigfoot has already battled mankind’s greatest enemy, The Illuminati, and now it’s Donald Trump’s turn. Well, not exactly the current President, but a Chinese clone of him who escapes Earth’s destruction, spends 1,000 years on a barren planet, meets up with other surviving humans, joins their war against the Illuminati, and winds up facing off against Satan.  

And that’s the plot of the 69-minute animated sci-fi comedy adventure, Trump vs The Illuminati, now available to Amazon Prime subscribers for 99 cents, or from $1.99 at FandangoNow and Amazon.

Timothy Banfield voices Trump’s clone, with Wes Bruff and Marco Guzmán co-starring. The film was written and directed by B.C. Fourteen.

For more info, visit trumpvstheilluminati.com.

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