Beauties and the Beasts

(Photo: Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Source: IMDb)

Beauty and the Beast, the 1987-1990 CBS series, gets the Decades over-the-air binge treatment this weekend, with 43 episodes airing from noon Saturday through 7 am Monday.

Linda Hamilton (The Terminator’s Sarah Connor) stars as the Beauty, Catherine, who’s an assistant district attorney in New York City. Ron Perlman plays the Beast, Vincent, who dwells underneath the metropolis. Both stars received Emmy nominations, as did the series itself. A total of 56 episodes aired over Beauty and the Beast’s three-season run, with 14 written by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones).

For more Beauty and the Beast, how about the 2012-2016 revival series? It aired originally on The CW (70 episodes over four seasons) and is now available on Netflix.

“Inspired” by the old series, Kristin Kreuk plays Beauty Catherine, now a NYC detective, and Jay Ryan is Vincent, a veteran who has been turned into the Beast by a military experiment

Based on an 18th century French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast has seen countless film adaptations over the years (Disney’s 1991 animated version, now available on Disney+, certainly springs to mind), but perhaps none has been done better than France’s 1946 La Belle et la Bête.

Directed by Jean Cocteau, the film stars Josette Day as the Beauty and Jean Marais as the Beast.

Subtitled in English, La Belle et la Bête streams free if your local library is part of the Kanopy service. You can also see the film if you subscribe to HBO Max or The Criterion Channel. Amazon Prime subscribers can rent it for $2.99, or it’s available for $3.99 rental from iTunes and Amazon (for non-Prime subscribers).

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