Acorn’s Outback Drama

(Above: Aaron Pedersen and Jada Alberts. Source: Acorn TV. Credit: David Dare Parker)

Acorn TV debuts the second season of the Australian crime drama, Mystery Road, and two seasons of a classic British sitcom, The Labours of Erica, today, October 12.

Mystery Road, Season 2

Set in the Outback (the show is filmed in Western Australia’s picturesque Dampier Peninsular and Broome), Mystery Road is the spinoff of two feature films by writer/director Ivan Sen: Mystery Road (2013) and Goldstone (2016).

Aaron Pedersen plays an indigenous homicide detective. In the six-episode second season, he moves to the corrupt town of Gideon to be closer to family. There, he teams with a rookie constable (Jada Alberts) to investigate what happened to a decapitated body and if the murder is drug related.

Complicating matters is community opposition to a dig by a Swedish archaeologist (Sofia Helin) who is looking to uncover indigenous cultural artifacts. Instead, she finds an unidentified modern grave that threatens her work but could solve a murder.

The second season first aired on Australia’s ABC TV in April.

You can stream Mystery Road, the feature, free with ads via PopcornFlix, Tubi or Vudu. And it’s available free without ads on library streamer Hoopla. You can also watch it uncut with an Amazon Prime subscription or rent it for $2.99 from several providers.

You can catch Goldstone with a Netflix subscription or rent it starting at $2.99 from Google Play and other services.

The Labours of Erica, Seasons 1-2

The Labours of Erica, which ran in 1989-1990 on Britain’s ITV, stars Brenda Blethyn as a long-time widow who reevaluates her life of caring only for others – namely her son (Paul Spurrier) and her boss and unsatisfying love interest (Geoffrey Davies). Her son is now 16 and managing director of a successful computer company, and her boss is still not close to making a monogamous commitment. She decides to give it all up – then happens upon her teenage diary listing “Twelve things I am going to do before I am Forty.” That list becomes a springboard for turning over a new leaf.

The show consists of two six-episode seasons.

Here’s a sample episode:

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