Add Masks, Watch Coughs!

(Above: President Trump at first debate, mask added by ‘The Savvy Screener’ through Mask-O-Vision. Source: YouTube video)

Have you ever found yourself getting more than a bit irritated when you see characters in a TV show or movie (or maybe a Trump rally) going without a mask? And then you realize that the content (excepting the Trump rally, of course) was filmed way before the pandemic?

Or are you an avid movie fan who feels like Covid-19’s coughs and sneezes are nothing new?

Enter Mask-O-Vision and Every Movie Cough.

Mask-O-Vision is a free browser extension for desktops and laptops that adds masks to close-up faces in streaming videos, as seen below or in our featured photo above.

For more info and downloading instructions, visit

Mask-O-Vision was developed by Jason Eppink with support from New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, which also features Eppink’s Every Movie Cough in its current “Views from the Pandemic” virtual exhibition.

Every Movie Cough is an exhaustive collection of…if not “every”…at least a whole, whole lot of coughs and sneezes from throughout movie history.

You can play all coughs and sneezes in the collection, break them down by individual clips or by such categories as “Spielberg Coughs,” “Animated Coughs” (see Sneezy himself from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs above) and “Drowning Coughs.” There’s also a “Name That Cough” game, and if you know of a missing cinematic cough or sneeze, you can request that it get added to the collection.

Also, the museum will host a free online discussion and walk-through of Every Movie Cough next Monday, October 18, at 8 pm ET. Participants will be Eppink; his co-creator on the project, Mike Lacher; and Maggie Hennefeld, cultural studies professor at the University of Minnesota and author of Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes and an upcoming history of women who allegedly died from laughing too hard. To register, visit

To use Every Movie Cough, visit

Now if only the museum and Eppink could do something about the lack of social distancing in TV and movies (and Trump rallies)!

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