Making the Electoral Sausage

(Above source: YouTube video)

As President Donald Trump tries to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the US electoral process – or, for that matter, any electoral process that doesn’t guarantee him reelection– Netflix unveils the Vox docuseries Whose Vote Counts, Explained.

Landing today, Whose Vote Counts, Explained looks at the underbelly of American politics and how all votes don’t count equally.

The filmmakers say the system is rigged, thanks to, among other things, the Electoral College (in 2000 and 2016, the winner of the popular vote did not become president) and the undue influence of money in American politics.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and John Legend narrate. For more, visit Netflix.

Michael Douglas covers some of the same territory in the short video, Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall. Late last year, Douglas teamed with the self-described “right-left anti-corruption” non-profit RepresentUs to indict the national body politic and rally voters to become more involved in their communities and/or donate money to the cause of changing the status quo.

The video serves as a rallying cry for passage of The American Anti-Corruption Act. The act, among other things, calls for independent redistricting commissions, eliminating lobbyist donations to politicians, term limits and automatic voter registration.

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