Lone Ranger: Wear a Mask!

(Above source: Cozi TV YouTube video)

We’ve heard that not all heroes wear capes, but many wear masks. So enter The Lone Ranger.

At 8 am ET tomorrow, September 12, Cozi TV will air a two-hour “The Masked Man Marathon.” It will consist of the first four episodes of the vintage western, starting with the pilot titled “Enter the Lone Ranger,” as well as promos featuring our hero (Clayton Moore) and his companion Tonto (Jay Silverheels) wearing contemporary nose/mouth masks.

The Lone Ranger aired originally on ABC over five seasons from 1949 to 1957, producing 221 episodes. You can stream most of them for free at Uncle Earl’s Classic TV Channel. Another streaming option is the free Folk TV, which runs three hours of episodes starting at 5 pm weekdays.

You can watch Cozi TV free over the air by hooking up an antenna to your TV set. It’s also available on many cable systems. To find your local channel number, visit Get Cozi TV.

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