‘N.Y.P.D.’ Weekend Binge

(Above: Frank Converse, Jack Warden and Robert Hooks in ‘N.Y.P.D.’ Source: Wikimedia Commons)

N.Y.P.D., a rarely shown, hard-hitting half-hour police drama, comes to Decades this weekend for a 43-hour, 86-episode marathon. N.Y.P.D. finished its two-season (1967-1969) run on ABC with 49 episodes, so Decades will show most of the episodes twice.  

Jack Warden, Frank Converse and Robert Hooks star as three detectives in the series, which was filmed on location with the cooperation of the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.)

N.Y.P.D. 1967
(Above: A shot from the ‘N.Y.P.D.’ opening credits)

The N.Y.P.D marathon kicks off Saturday, September 12, at noon ET with the series’ first episode, “Shakedown,” which was also the first-ever TV show with a gay theme, according to Wikipedia. The episode will run again at 1 am that night.

Other episodes of note include:

  • “Deadly Circle of Violence,” featuring Al Pacino and his then-girlfriend Jill Clayburgh, both in their first onscreen roles (Sunday, 11 am; Monday, 12:30 am)
  • Martin Sheen as a peeping Tom in “The Peep Freak” (Sunday, 12:30 pm; Monday, 2 am)
  • James Earl Jones as the head of a drug rehabilitation center in the two-parter, “Candy Man.” (Sunday, 5 pm).

N.Y.P.D. is not on any subscription service nor airing regularly on any classic TV channel that we know of. Several episodes can be found free on YouTube, however.

For the complete decades N.Y.P.D. schedule, visit decades.com/binge.

Decades can be seen free over-the-air via an antenna hooked up to your TV set, and on many cable systems. Find your local channel number on the network’s Where to Watch page.

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