‘Binge’ and ‘Purge’ on Hulu

(Above: Vince Vaughn in ‘The Binge.’ Source: YouTube video)

The Binge, a comedy in which drugs and alcohol, otherwise outlawed, are made legal for one day a year, debuts today, August 28, on Hulu.

A film about no-holds-barred-partying might have special appeal to younger sheltering-in-place audiences. Watching it at home is certainly safer than going to an Ozark pool gathering or stepping into a frat house.

On “Binge Day,” three high school seniors (Skyler Gisondo, Dexter Darden, Eduardo Franco) hope to find the best party in town. In the process, they must evade their principal (Vince Vaughn), “violent siblings and the wild animals roaming the streets.”

If The Binge’s concept sounds familiar, perhaps you’re thinking of The Purge, a succession of movies and a TV series based on the same premise: an alternate reality USA in which all crime, including murder, is legal for 12 hours each year. Hulu is home for all 20 episodes of The Purge TV series (2018-2019), which aired originally on USA Network. (You can also buy individual episodes for $1.99 from Vudu, YouTube and other providers.)

Franchise progenitor The Purge (2013) stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey as a wealthy couple that plans to wait out ‘Purge’ night in their high-security mansion but besieged by would-be intruders. You can rent The Purge for $3.99 from Amazon, Google Play and other services.

And don’t forget Star Trek, which covered similar terrain in the 1967 episode, “Return of the Archons.”  Kirk and crew visit a planet controlled by an authoritarian force that allows its mindless, docile subjects one night of utter chaos and destruction. Festival, anyone? That episode is available with subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime or CBS All Access. You can also buy it for $1.99 from numerous providers.

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