The System is Rigged

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The system is rigged.”

It’s possible you might here those words once again tonight during President Donald Trump’s nominating convention acceptance speech.

Although a familiar Trump applause line, it’s also the message of a short video, Unbreaking America: Divided We Fall, delivered by actor Michael Douglas with a livid passion that brings to mind his fed-up everyman in Falling Down.

Late last year, Douglas teamed with the self-described “right-left anti-corruption” non-profit RepresentUs to indict the national body politic and rally voters to become more involved in their communities and/or donate money to the cause of changing the status quo.

The film blames “special interests, lobbyists, and the political establishment” who “control the money, debates, primaries and draw voting districts” for a political system “so gridlocked that it blocks meaningful progress on the most pressing issues” such as health care and the national debt.

The answer, the video says, is in passing The American Anti-Corruption Act in enough states to bring about federal change. The act, among other things, calls for independent redistricting commissions, eliminating lobbyist donations to politicians, term limits and automatic voter registration.

You can watch the 10-minute video here:

For more information, visit The American Anti-Corruption Act or RepresentUs.

(The above is a revision of a previously published article.)

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