Athletes and Agents

(Above: ‘Rising Phoenix.’ Source: YouTube video)

Today, August 26, Netflix debuts two programs dealing with competitions differing very much in spirit.

One, Rising Phoenix, is an inspirational documentary that tells the history of the Paralympic Games and its dedicated athletes.

The other, Million Dollar Beach House, might appeal to one’s sense of envy and perhaps even schadenfreude. It’s a real estate rat-race with agents vying to score big commissions on property sales in New York’s Hamptons — sometimes at each other’s expense.

Rising Phoenix

Rising Phoenix starts with the Paralympic Games’ humble beginnings. Dr. Ludwig Guttmann, a Nazi refuge, helped organize the 1948 International Wheelchair Games to coincide with the 1948 Olympics. The first official Paralympic Games, with more than 400 athletes from 23 countries, were held in Rome in 1960.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Games in Tokyo have been postponed to August 24, 2021. More than 4,000 athletes will take part in over 500 events spanning more than 20 sports. Events include archery, equestrian, judo, powerlifting, shooting, swimming, wheelchair fencing and wheelchair rugby.

The UK’s Prince Harry, founder of the Invictus Games for wounded veterans, was involved with the documentary.

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Million Dollar Beach House

Million Dollar Beach House shows the daily wrangling among “the Hamptons’ youngest and most exclusive group of real estate agents, documenting their private lives and posh coastline listings.” Five brokers jockey to buy and sell their clients’ properties, reap big commissions and, if they can, poach listings from one another. The ‘competition’ extends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. According to the producers, 2,500 realtors are hustling in the Hamptons, a market ripe with multi-million properties and skullduggery.

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