Who is Donald Trump?

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The Republican Party’s convention starts today, with its standard-bearer, Donald Trump, to give his official nomination acceptance speech this Thursday, August 27, from the White House.

Nominating conventions are, in part, the stage from which the candidate tells — or repackages — his or her life story. So the question is, how did Donald Trump become the politician he is today?

Last year, correspondent Michael Kosta tried to answer that question with The Daily Show’s Donald J. Trump Tour of New York City, a whimsical tour of the President’s old haunts.

The series, consisting of 12 tweet-sized videos, starts with Trump’s humble childhood home in Queens and ends where most Horatio Alger stories do – the Fox & Friends studio. It also features a stop-by-stop map, in case you feel compelled to visit the sites of Trump’s formative years in person.

Tour stops include Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, Trump Village in Brooklyn, the New York State Supreme Court in lower Manhattan, and Howard Stern’s studio in midtown.

You can stream the entire series at dailyshowtrumptour.com.

(The above is a revision of a previously published article.)

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