CGI ‘Ivan’ on Disney+

(Above: ‘The One and Only Ivan.’ Source: YouTube video)

The One and Only Ivan, a CGI/live-action hybrid comedy adventure movie based on Katherine Applegate’s Newbery Medal-winning book of the same name, debuts today, August 21 on Disney+. Sam Rockwell, Angelina Joile, Danny DeVito and Bryan Cranston star.

The film tells the tale of Ivan (Rockwell), a 400-pound silverback gorilla living in a suburban shopping mall with Stella the elephant (Jolie) and Bob the dog (DeVito). Then Ruby (Brooklynn Prince), a baby elephant recently separated from her family in the wild, arrives, causing Ivan, who has few memories of his early jungle life, to question where he comes from and where he belongs.

A live-action Cranston plays Max, who raises Ivan from a young age. The voice cast also includes Helen Mirren as Snickers the poodle and Chaka Khan as Henrietta the chicken.

Disney+ costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 annually. A combo plan, $12.99 a month, consists of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

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