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(Above: YouTubers Karina Garcia and Jillian. Source: YouTube video)

Hulu has added 100 “enrichment-themed learning videos,” collectively titled Smiles and Smarts, from, a maker and curator of content for ‘Generation Alpha’ (those born in in the 2010s) — in order words, kids.

The Smiles and Smarts collection focuses on imagination, experimentation, social skills, arts and crafts, and activity-based learning, and features videos from creator partners who have YouTube channels.

The YouTubers contributing to Smarts and Smiles:

JillianTubeHD (12 episodes)

EvanTubeHD (10 episodes) 

Karina Garcia (11 episodes)

Onyx Family (10 episodes)

KidCity (10 episodes)

HobbyKidsTV (13 episodes)

Jason Vlogs (11 episodes)

MarMar Land (12 episodes)

Scratch Garden (11 episodes) also premiered season one of Jillian’s Mystery Craft Box on Hulu in early July. The DIY craft-making series co-stars Jillian and Karina Garcia. Garcia, also a co-executive producer, shares clips from the show with her fans across social media.

Hulu introduced videos in 2018. With the addition of Smiles and Smarts, more than 250 episodes are now on the streamer.

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