This Web Series is ‘NC-16’

(Above: The cast of ‘NC-16.’ Source: SeekaTV)

NC-16, a five-webisode teenage comedy about the angst of high school and fitting in, is now available on Seeka TV, the free streamer that showcases independently produced content.

Each five-minute episode takes a darkly comic look at the daily trials that high-schoolers face. The title also serves as a parental warning, as the series includes explicit language and subject matter that purports to represent teen life as it really is.

“Most everyone can identify with and remember these terrifying early days of high school,” said director Michael Spound. “The joy is in watching them figure out how to traverse the teen social obstacles that are small and intimate, but to these characters are so large and formidable.”

The cast includes Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick, Norton Leufven, Jackson Geach, Serena Laurel, Emma Apgar and Marielle Caldwell.

Michael Rojo wrote NC-16, and Jane Rogers produced.

Seeka TV is host to a wide range of series featuring bite-sized episodes. Other recently added shows include Monkey Man, about a washed-up children’s entertainer trying to recapture his former glory, and Gray Ground, in which a man searches for an alibi on behalf of his date – before she’s committed for murder.

Monkey Man on Seeka TV
(Above source: Seeka TV)

If you’re a filmmaker and want to submit a series for consideration, visit Seeka TV also allows viewers to “tip” – i.e., make a financial donation – in support of individual shows.

You can watch NC-16 at or via the SeekaTV app for Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Roku TV and other platforms.

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