‘Bubbies and Sistas’

The three Jewish grandmothers who dispense dating advice on JLTV’s Bubbies Know Best have now teamed up with three African-American Jewish women for Bubbies and Sistas Know Best, a discussion on the issues facing the Black and Jewish communities as well as the country.

This special follows on the heels of last month’s Bubbies and Grannies Know Best, in which the Bubbies and three African-American grandmothers discussed how their two communities could strengthen relationships to fight injustice.

Bubbies and Sistas Know Best can be streamed free on YouTube or right here:

The Bubbies’ three guests are:

  • Melique Berger, a voice-over actress for such shows as The Boondocks and Rick and Morty.
  • Rain Pryor, an actress on such shows as Head of the Class and Rude Awakenings, and the daughter of comedian Richard Pryor.
  • Kelley Stein, member of the band The Rolling Steins, with her Cantor husband Mike Stein and their three adult sons.

Bubbies and Sistas Know Best will also run this Monday, July 27, at 8 pm ET/PT over the JLTV channel, available on DirecTV, some cable systems, or via a livestream at jltv.tv/watchjltv.php

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