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(Above: Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo in ‘The Cisco Kid.’ Source: Decades)

The Cisco Kid and  Pancho will ride onto Decades this weekend for a 43-hour, 86-episode marathon of their vintage western, The Cisco Kid.

The series, which ran originally in syndication for 156 episodes from 1950 to 1956, stars Duncan Renaldo as the Kid, fighting for justice in the old west, and Leo Carrillo as Pancho, his loyal sidekick.

The Decades binge will start at noon ET Saturday, July 25, with the series’ first episode, “Boomerang,” and run through 7 am Monday, July 27.

Here’s something Decades won’t be showing: The Cisco Kid’s original opening, closing and accompanying commercials from a first season episode.

Decades also won’t be showing The Cisco Kid in black-and-white. That’s because this kiddie western was actually the first TV series filmed in color, although very few viewers saw it that way during its initial run.

But Renaldo and Carrillo also played the Cisco Kid and Pancho in black-and-white, warming up for TV with five one-hour theatrical movies from 1948 to 1950. Here’s The Gay Amigo (no jokes, please) from 1949. As in “Boomerang” (see above), the Cisco Kid and Pancho are mistaken for bad guys and must hunt down the real villians:

In 1994, nearly 40 years after The Cisco Kid left the air, Jimmy Smits and Cheech Marin reprised the roles of the Kid and Pancho in a 90-minute TNT movie of the same title. Marin and War sang the title song, an updating of the latter’s 1972 hit.

Where to Watch

For the complete schedule of The Cisco Kid this weekend, visit To find the Decades channel number in your area, either over-the-air or on cable, visit

You can also binge all 156 episodes of The Cisco Kid with an Amazon Prime subscription, or free with ads on Vudu.

You can stream four of the Renaldo/Carrillo Cisco Kid movies – The Gay Amigo, plus The Daring Caballero (1949), Satan’s Cradle (1949) and The Girl from San Lorenzo (1950) – with a Fandor subscription.  The Gay Amigo is also on Amazon Prime. Their first film together, 1948’s The Valiant Hombre, is not streaming.

You can download the 1994 version of The Cisco Kid for $9.99 from Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft or YouTube.

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