‘Absentia’ Back on Prime

(Above: Stana Katic. Source: YouTube video)

A third 10-episode season of the drama Absentia debuts today, July 17, on Amazon Prime.

Castle’s Stana Katic stars as FBI agent Emily Byrne, who vanishes while on the trail of a serial killer, only to turn up with amnesia six years later in a remote cabin. Emily returns home to find her husband, Special Agent Nick Durand (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’s Patrick Heusinger) remarried to another woman (Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobold) and raising a son with her. Further, Emily is also implicated in a series of murders, forcing her to prove her innocence.

In season three, Emily’s FBI suspension is nearing an end when one of Nick’s cases threatens her family. She must travel to Europe to unravel a dangerous conspiracy and, in the process, learn to love and trust again.

The cast also includes Sleepy Hollow’s Neil Jackson, The Dog of War’s Paul Freeman, The Conjuring 2’s Patrick McAuley and the Game of Thrones’ Ralph Ineson.

Katic is also an executive producer.

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