A Streamer with Giddy-Up

(Above source: The Film Detective)

The Film Detective, the classic TV and film streamer, has launched The Lone Star Channel, a free service dedicated to classic Western shows and movies.

The Lone Star Channel will offer a 24/7 schedule and on-demand library. So far, we’ve ascertained that only the 24/7 channel is available and only via DistroTV. The Film Detective also promises distribution on Sling TV and STIRR, and over the air in such cities as Milwaukee, San Antonio, Del Rio (TX), Daytona Beach, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The Lone Star Channel’s weekday lineup includes such TV shows as:

Annie Oakley (syndicated, 1954 -1957) – Starring Gail Davis as the legendary sharpshooter

Adventures of Kit Carson (syndicated, 1951-1955) – No relation to the historical figure, this Kit (Bill Williams) and El Toro (Don Diamond) gallop around the West meting out justice

The Roy Rogers Show (NBC, 1951-1957) – Featuring the adventures of the famous singing cowboy, his wife Dale Evans, and their equine companions Trigger and Buttermilk

Roy Rogers on The Lone Star Channel
(Above source: The Lone Star Channel)

The Adventures of Champion (CBS, 1956-1957) – Champion, the Wonder Horse, is the star

The Lone Ranger (ABC, 1949-1957) – The radio-era Western heroes The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and Tonto (Jay Silverheels) became two of early television’s biggest stars in this long-lived series

Stories of the Century (syndicated, 1954-1955) – Railroad detective Matt Clark (Jim Davis) defends his employer’s iron horse from the bad guys

The Cisco Kid (syndicated, 1950-1956) – The Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) and sidekick Pancho (Len Carillo) fight injustice in the old West 

Bonanza (NBC, 1959-1973) – The upstanding Cartwright family (Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts) run their expansive ranch (The Ponderosa), serve as the pillars of their community, and regularly tangle with villains.The show ran 14 seasons.

John Wayne on The Lone Star Channel
(Above source: The Lone Star Channel)

The rest of the schedule consists of movies in the following categories: “John Wayne” (e.g., McClintock!, Angel and the Badman); “Spaghetti Westerns”; “Color Westerns” (e.g., Tulsa, One-Eyed Jacks): “B-Westerns” (including early John Wayne films); and “Singing Cowboys,” (starring the aforementioned Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter and Gene Autry).

For more information and updates on content and availability, visit thelonestarchannel.com.

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3 thoughts on “A Streamer with Giddy-Up”

  1. I was watching Lone Star TV this morning (08/31/20) during a time marked for “Fury” and caught part of a program featuring “vaqueros” (history of, measuring for new ranch, raising cattle, trading with ships, etc.) that I would love to watch in its entirety. Will it come around again? its name? when? I live in the DFW area and would greatly appreciate any info that you could dig up. Hope to also share some info with my sons & their families. Thank you for your programming and for any help you can extend. Donna Scott “jaindoughis@ gmail.com”

    • Thanks for your comment, Donna. We’re not sure what program you’re referring to. As a news site that covers streaming, The Savvy Screener is reliant on the information that such services as Lone Star TV provide us about their schedule. If you do happen to learn the title of the show, you might look it up at reelgood.com. That site will then tell you if it’s available — and from what services and channels.


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