‘Twilight Zone’ Holiday

(Above: ‘The Twilight Zone’ host Rod Serling. Source: YouTube video)

Wondering where to catch the July 4 Twilight Zone marathon this year?

Over-the-air channel Decades will continue the unofficial Independence Day television tradition, showing 78 episodes, starting at noon ET on Saturday, July 4, with Burgess Meredith in “Time Enough at Last.”

The binge concludes Monday, July 6, at 6:30 am ET with “I Shot an Arrow into the Air,” a season one episode about three astronauts who crash on a seemingly barren planet.

Other noteworthy episodes, and their air times, include:

Saturday, July 4

1 pm – “Living Doll.” Telly Savalas takes on “Talking Tina” and things don’t end well.

3 pm – “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Something funny is going on in suburbia.

3:30 pm – “To Serve Man.” Richard Kiel arrives on earth holding a mysterious book.

5:00 pm – “It’s a Good Life.” Little Anthony Fremont wants you to like him — and you’d better.

11 pm – “Nick of Time.” William Shatner must choose between his new bride and a fortune telling machine.

Sunday, July 5

10:30 am – “The Howling Man.” John Carradine has imprisoned a bedraggled man in his monastery. He may look harmless, but you’d better not let him out.

1:00 pm – “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.” William Shatner returns as a white-knuckled airline passenger.

6:00 pm- “The Eye of the Beholder.” The Beverly Hillbillies‘ Donna Douglas desperately hopes a face-lift will help her fit in.

"The Eye of the Beholder" The Twilight Zone on Decades
(Above: “The Eye of the Beholder.” Source: YouTube video)

8:00 pm — “Love Live Walter Jameson.” A college professor looks surprisingly good for his age.

9:00 pm – “Kick the Can.” Senior residents seek eternal youth via a simple kids game.

You can find a complete listing of episodes with descriptions at decades.com/binge.

Decades can be seen free over the air via an antenna hooked up to your TV set. For local channel numbers, visit Decades’ “Where to Watch.”

Other ‘Zone’ Options

You can stream the original version of The Twilight Zone (1959-1964), hosted by series creator Rod Serling, with subscriptions to CBS All Access (all five seasons), Hulu (five seasons) or Netflix (four seasons only).You can buy individual episodes starting at $1.99 from Vudu or other providers.

The Twilight Zone also airs weeknights at 12:30 am ET and Sundays at midnight on MeTV. You can watch MeTV for free via an antenna connected to your TV set. To find your local channel number, visit MeTV’s Where to Watch.

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