A Zoom Chat About ‘Zoom’

(Above: the Benadette arm swing. Source: WGBH)

Last week, the creator and three cast members of the original Zoom took to today’s Zoom for a one-hour conversation about the pioneering ‘70s PBS kids series. That Zoom chat, hosted by New York’s Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI), has now been posted to YouTube.

In addition to cast members Tommy, Leon and Bernadette (the show never revealed their last names, so we feel no need to do so right now), the video also features series creator Christopher Sarson and author David Kamp (Sunny Days: The Children’s Television Revolution That Changed America).

Zoom show, Museum of the Moving Image, MOMI

Here’s the complete Zoom discussion about Zoom (if you enjoy watching it, please consider making a donation to MOMI):

And here’s a season two opening to Zoom with Leon and Bernadette — and featuring the latter’s signature arm-swinging routine, also shown atop this article:

Bernadette’s still doing the arm swing today:

Zoom, which would be revived in 1999 for another multi-year run, was notable for its lack of on-screen adults and its often-changing cast of non-professional kids who basically created the unscripted shows all by themselves (with “Zoom Popa” Sarson behind the scenes).

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