You Must Be Psychic

(Above: Taking someone for a ride. Source: YouTube video)

The Thomas John Experience, starring the eponymous psychic, debuts this Thursday, June 4, on CBS All Access.

The eight-episode series follows the medium as he travels the US “connecting” the living with the dearly departed. John finds his subjects in a Chicago rideshare, a Los Angeles eatery and other everyday venues, offering “emotional and heartwarming reunions between the living and the dead.”

In addition to his new TV show and doing readings, John’s website describes him as a published author and life coach. He’s a Las Vegas fixture too, hosting such events as “Dinner with the Dead,”  in which participants are served messages from the hereafter along with a five-course meal.

He also has a 3.5-star rating on Yelp!

CBS All Access offers a $9.99/month almost commercial-free version, and a $5.99/month plan with ads. Both come with a 7-day free trial. For more information, visit CBS All Access.

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