‘Sleeping with Friends’

(Above: Vanessa Hill. Source: YouTube video)

Yes, the above headline is clickbait, especially when you learn that it is the title of a YouTube reality series focused on sleep health.

The three-part, cheekily named Sleeping with Friends, which will be available to stream free starting Wednesday, May 20, is a competition among education-focused YouTubers to see who can best improve their sleep using the latest techniques and products. The show features ASAPScience’s Mitch and Greg, PsychIRL’s Donna Yatz and Melissa Maribel, along with mental health professionals. Braincraft’s Vanessa Hill hosts.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the show is designed to highlight the importance of sleep to emotional, psychological and social well-being (if you don’t snooze, you lose). In addition, there has recently been widespread media coverage about the pandemic’s potentially deleterious impact on sleep and possible remedies.

Of course, doesn’t competing to sleep create the kind of anxiety that causes insomnia?

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